Chapter 04 – The curtain rises, the griffin falls

When Ragna woke up, the first thing her eyes saw was a white wall. What happened? She pressed her hand against her forehead. It felt like someone had stomped their boot into her skull. Not just her head, her whole body felt like a jackhammer had galvanized it. Her memory was foggy.

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Chapter 02 – Millenium Peace

Stags marched on the streets. Mechanical marvels that towered over the audience. Their silver bodies gleamed in the sun, fragmented the light into its fundamental colors and in the same instance, reflected them. Their elegant steps created rainbows on the buildings they passed.

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Chapter 01 – Ragna Griffin

“Let’s go”, said Ragna to herself and started to move. In front of her raged an inferno across the highway. Wrecked cars and destroyed tanks decorated the asphalt, serving as food for the wildfire. It embraced the highway and painted the night sky in embers. A red carpet that pointed to the skyscraper-saturated skyline of Veil, welcomed her and announced to the city whose grand moment this would be Washing away the sweat pearls from her forehead, Ragna complimented the scorching heat. Her skin felt dry. But that wouldn’t stop her. It was time for the hero to arrive at the scene.

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