Chapter 03.5 – Glossary Arc 01

Vaix – The capital city of the kingdom of the same name. It is located in the northern continent Midgard.

Twilight Bridge – The main highway that leads to the city of Veil. It was built over the river Iswafa that floats through the city.

Veil – The capital city of the kingdom of the same name. It is located in the northern continent Vanden.

Twice – The hermaphrodite Godking of Veil.  Despite being technically the highest authority, he has no real executive power. While worship of him has become rare, the people’s faith in his divinity is still evident in everyday phrases, idioms and figures of speech.

Valkyrie – The highest achievable rank in the military. Those who have become Valkyries enjoy many luxuries and have a high standing within society. Especially female Valkyries are worshipped as idols and celebrities. The mythological creatures of the same name inspired the rank.

Titans – Mythological beings that wander around the world to cause mayhem and suffering. Mythology says they will cause the end of the world one day. They are the mortal enemies of Valkyries.

The Ash Pest – A disease with unknown origins that strikes Aes in irregular intervals. Victims cough ash-like blood and have ashen skin, hence the name. It kills within four to eight weeks. President Adler’s daughters are the only known survivors.

Hel – The realm of the dead and part of the underworld. It is said that those who do not die an honorable death in war will end up in Hel. While nowadays not as many people believe in this myth anymore, customs and funeral rituals are still practiced.

Baha – The founder of the kingdom of Vaix, who claimed to hear the voice of Twice. He and his followers tried to escape the Pharaoh’s tyranny. During their pursuit Baha divided the sea that separated Obelisk from Vanden, allowing him and his people safe passage, whereas his pursuers drowned. While historians agree that Baha existed and that he indeed founded the kingdom of Vaix, whether the story of his escape happened is heavily disputed.

Christian Sea – A giant sea separating the continents of Obelisk and Vanden. The name of the sea was given by Baha’s detractors, mocking his messianic role. The citizens of Vaix adopted the name as a sign of pride.

Wert – The world currency. Introduced after a financial crisis in the year 0 AR had rendered all other currencies useless. In the major cities, it exists only in digital form, whereas the villages further away exclusively use coin and paper.

Aes – The name of the planet. Confirmed not to be flat and is pronounced ‘A-ie-ss’.

Cadet – Students of the military academy. After three years they can graduate and enter the military.

Captain – A title for the seven most powerful Valkyries. Seats are only opened if a Captain dies or if they for other reasons get stripped of their rank. Each Captain commands a team of Valkyries.

Vice-Captain – The second strongest Valkyrie within any given team.

The thousand-year peace – The state of non-direct warfare between all world power that started with the end of the Great War 0 AR until the present day. Detractors say that the peace lasted only 200 years and that a cold war had replaced it.

The peace treaty – On the last day of the war, eleven of the Kaiser’s twelve paladins betrayed him and capitulated. Seeing the death and destruction, all involved parties agreed to a treaty that ensured no nation could ever initiate a war without destroying itself – and potentially everyone else – in the process.

Dodos – A flightless bird from the Eren Archipelago that was hunted to extinction around 400 BR. Modern science was able to bring it back 800 years later and after 100 more years, introduced the bird back into its original habitat without damaging the natural ecosystems.

Bragi – The inanition ritual to become a Valkyrie. A grueling mission that can at times take months to complete. If one completes it, the Valkyrie will be immortalized within the stories and legends as a hero. But if one fails, one will forever be remembered as a failure

“Not perfect is good“ – A quote attributed to Gautama Friedrich, the fifth Kaiser of Vaix.

Vikings – Name of the military of Veil. Has nine ranks. Allfather, Captain, Vice-Captain, Valkyrie, Sergeant, Corporal, Soldier 1st, 2nd and 3rd class. After graduation from the military academy one usually starts as a soldier 3rd class.

Yule – A holiday to celebrate the winter solstice and honor the gods. It is tradition to give presents to the rest of the family and spend the time with them. A festive dinner, singing songs, drinking mead and eating special vanilla raisin cookies are all part of the tradition. Though some people are complaining that the tradition has become too commercialized

Gimli – A golden castle that serves as the main residence of the presidential family and a bridge to Yggdrasil. It was built a few decades after the foundation of Asgard. Despite its size, it is believed to have been constructed within a single year.

The Trutner siblings – Three siblings who had wandered through Aes eons ago. In the year 2000 BR or 0 AM, each one of them founded a kingdom. Willow Trutner founded Avalon – formerly known as Camelot. Saint Trutner founded Kemet Raa, then called Babel and Odin Trutner founded Asgard, which would eventually be known as Veil. They introduced the runic language system of Godking Twice to mankind and made huge efforts to improve society.

Viking Brilliance – An InstaNorse account putting photogenic members of the military into the spotlight. Several depicted soldiers were able to enter the influencer or model world through the publicity. It is an essential medium for the career of most Valkyries.

Yggdrasil – The royal realm that floats above Veil. The Allfather and GodKing Twice are the only permanent residents. It is used for crisis points, where the Captains and the President discuss events of national and international importance. It is connected to Castle Gimli through a teleportation system.

The Great War – A conflict that started in the Year 100 BR or 1900 AM. Kaiser Wilhelm started a full front war against the other kingdoms in a quest for world domination. After 100 years of fighting and barely averting the end of the world, the war ended with the capitulation of Vaix, billions of deaths, the earth scorched and all of Aes traumatized. It was only thought as appropriate to change the year count from AM (After Monarchy) to AR (After Revival). The year the war ended was declared the year zero and the period predating, BR (Before Revival).

Avalon – The capital city of the kingdom of the same name. It lies on the north-eastern continent Glast.

Kemet-Raa – The capital city of the kingdom of the same name. It lies on the southern continent Obelisk. The Equator runs through it.

Eren – A chain of tropical islands that are connected to the continent of Glast. It is famous for its iron wall that connects each individual island and divides the east and the west of the world – and the sheer number of nuclear weapons.

Utgard – A small independent kingdom within Glast. Formerly under the rule of Avalon, it fought for its independence as Avalon was distracted by the Great War. It rose to prominence in the years after the war, exploiting the instable state of the world.

The fall of Camelot – A semi-historical book chronicling the life of Camelot’s first and last ruler, King Arthur. The book serves as a basis for the upcoming TV show ‘Morgan’ which tells the events of King Arthur’s rule from the view of his sister Morgan. Production has come to a halt over disputes whether Leonardo Jonny Hanks Jr. or Natalie Lawrence shall play the role of King Arthur.

The art of Realpolitik – A book by Otto Tzu about strategies to maintain good relationships with allies and enemies while continuing to increase one’s own resources. It is seen as mandatory for every politician acting on an international level to read the book. The success of politicians to follow or understand its advice, varies.

Void Theory – A field of science dedicated to the exploration of the void and void energy.

Cry On – A psycho-thriller set in a fictional world about a psychopomp searching for the meaning of life.

Madconomics – A capitalist model developed by Erenian economist John Marx to prevent another great war from happening. By intertwining the economic relationships and dependencies of the individual kingdoms, the world economy had turned into a fragile and undecipherable entity that no kingdom can go to war without it and the rest of Aes collapsing. A correlation between the increased tendency of economists to develop mental illnesses and its introduction has yet to be proven.

Dead11 – A DJ hailing from Avalon, who mainly plays Drum’n’Base and Dup-step. His debut album ‘Utopiosphere’ became an instant hit. He is famous for always wearing a hoodie and a mask. So, no one knows his real identity. The name is pronounced ‘Dead Elf’

Pendulum – Dead11’s newest song. It is currently ranked number one in the Drum’n’Base charts.

The world snake – A mythological creature that was believed to be the fine line that separated the sea from the sky. Some cultures used to worship the snake, but those are gone.

Flyga – A special ability the people of Veil can use. Despite this, only few are able to find the trigger to activate their ability. Not much is known but scientists have found out that there is a connection between the spirits of the same name that bond with newborn children and the personality traits of the user. Being able to use Flyga is a requirement to become a Valkyrie. 

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