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About me

Hi, I’m Yaschar Hasan – aka Yak Edge.

As you are here on this page, you probably want to know more about me.

Well, I am many things. Let’s start with the basics. I am 25 and from Germany. I am also a frequent traveler, a hobby fencer and an artist – be it via pencil or photoshop.

Psycho thrillers, urban fantasy, JRPGs, Drum ‘n’ Bass – this is just a small list of the stuff, I like.

I am also a writer. Storytelling is my true passion and here on this website, I will do what I love the most: writing. Creativity; adaptability; the drive to continue a path till its end and be willing to broaden one’s horizons on the way each and every day. If there are attributes I would put value in – besides not being a jackass, of course – these would be it.

But you are not here for me. Probably. On this website, I write about my web series Ragna. If you want to dive head-first in and avoid any spoilers, then this link will lead you to the first chapter.

Ragna is a dark psychofantasy set in the fictional world of Aes.

Ragna Griffin’s world was perfect – a loving family, friends and a promising military career.

But after an enemy kingdom tried to assassinate the princess, Ragna’s father is missing, the love of her life gone and Ragna branded a terrorist. Forced to run from her kingdom, Ragna sets off on a journey:

To clear her name and reclaim the happiness she had lost.

To unveil the conspiracy behind the princess’ assassination.

To find her father who holds the answers.

To bring those who had destroyed her life to justice.

However, Ragna’s perfect world had never existed. It is full of horrors and the truth is not always pleasant. Her kingdom and the allies she finds have secrets, not all enemies are evil and not all evils are enemies she can just fight.

And as her journey brings Ragna’s convictions and mind to their limits, will she shatter or will she preserve?

As the blurb shows, one focus of the story will be the exploration of the future fantasy world that is Aes. Ragna will encounter both its beauty and horrors

But the bigger focus will be the exploration of the psychology of Ragna, her allies and enemies. The journey will be mental as much as it will physical, if not more so. This story will not shy away from showing the depths and limits of the human mind.

This web novel will deal with fantastical as well as modern and psychological issues. From monsters and magic to morality, mental disorders, xenophobia or the influence of social media on war.

Those of you, who would like to read a story in a modern fantasy setting, instead of the more usual medieval, high-fantasy world, are at the right place.

Ragna is a weekly series and will be updated every Thursday 17:00 GMT.

Anyway. That’s it about it. I hope you enjoy your time here and if you still want to learn more about me, then follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

And last but not least:

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