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If you want to dive head-first in and avoid any spoilers, then this link will lead you to the first chapter.

Ragna is a New Adult Sciene Fantasy series set in a modern fantasy world where norse mythology and magic have as much place as modern technology. The story focuses on Ragna Griffin, a young girl who loses everything when a conspiracy brands her as a terrorist. On the run to clear her name, Ragna will face the cruel reality of the real world and see her mind, convictions and dreams come closer to their breaking point. Ragna and her comrades will have to deal with numerous issues. Be it monsters, villains, love, mental disorders, moral dilemmas, discrimination, or the effects of social media on war — the challenges they face range from the mundane and modern to the fantastical.

A big focus of the story will be the exploration of the future fantasy world that is Aes. Ragna will encounter both its beauty and horrors

But the bigger focus will be the exploration of the psychology of Ragna, her allies, and enemies. The journey will be mental as much as it will physical, if not more so. And this story will not shy away from showing the depths and limits of the human mind.

Ragna is a weekly series and will be updated every Thursday 17:00 GMT.

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